Marne's Horses

SPS Royal Coeur
Born 2005 in Germany, now imported
Royal Hit-Le Coeur-Romancier
Bred by Ludgar de Baey
Chestnut, 17.2 hands
One of the highest States Premium Scores in Germany as a three year old, participated in the 2011 World Championships, many class wins and now showing large tour. Also has won in hand multiple Grand Champion titles.

Royal Coeur was third in the country for I-1 freestyle, and the GOV All Breeds Champion for I-1 freestyle. She qualified for Nationals at I-2 and is the Region 1 Reserve Champion and the GOV AA Reserve National Champion at I-2 in 2015.


Westfalen, Ehrentusch-Akitosxx-Gottschalk
Born in Germany in 1997, Escobar is Marne's second dressage horse and they made the journey to Grand Prix in 2010. Escobar is Ehrentusch's first licensed son. Marne bought Escobar in 2006 shortly after he was gelded. She earned a Silver Medal and they had a great time competing in GPs in Germany and England. Sadly, Marne lost Escobar in January of 2013 due to shipping complications between Europe and Florida. Marne and Escobar made it to GP as a solid team; she learned a great deal from Escobar and misses him very much.


Dante Coeur
Born 2011 in Germany, now imported, Brown, likely to be 17.2 hands
Dante Weltino-Royal Hit-Le Coeur
This is SPS Royal Coeur's son born embryo transfer.
Dante Coeur is very elegant, with phenomenal gaits like his parents. I am thrilled with him.

Dante Coeur was the 2015 GOV 4-5 year-old colt/gelding materiale National Champion. Dante Coeur was the 2014 Overall Reserve and GOV National Champion 3 year old colt/gelding materiale National Champion. He was also the 2015 GOV 4-5 year-old colt/gelding materiale National Champion.

2014 GOV darcolt born in Germany
By the World Champion Sezuan out of the proven producer Jamaika (JazzTime-Latimer-Carprilli-Argentinus)
Super elegant correct colt with three quality gaits and a super character. We can't wait for this one to grow up!

Born 2008 in Germany now imported
Bay, 17.2 hands
Super elegant talented dressage horse; showing fourth level and schooling PSG

Leni K
Livaldon - Floriscount - Archipel
2015 Hanoverian chestnut filly by Livaldon out of a mother by Floriscount

Born 2011 in Germany, premium filly, now imported
Black, likely to be 17 hands
Super gaits and type. This is really a super sport horse prospect, very
quick to learn and wants to work.

Leni K
Livaldon - Floriscount - Archipel 2015 Hanoverian chestnut filly by Livaldon out of a mother by Floriscount

Royal Temptation
2016 Oldenburg bay filly by Temptation out of SPS/Elite Royal Coeur by Royal Hit
Premium Oldenburg foal, Foal of Distinction

V.P.S Dulce Rosa
Super gaits and type. Very elastic mare. This is really a super sport horse prospect. V.P.S. Dulce Rosa is currently in Germany being started by Marcus Busch. V.P.S. Dulce Rosa is a Verband Premium mare, performance tested in Germany, and will arrive in the US at the end of August. She was the Great American/USDF Breeders Champion for 3 year old fillies and that she will be showing in the four year old classes in 2017.

Viva Diva
Bay 2016 Hanoverian filly with a phenomenal pedigree of Vivaldi - De Niro - Sandro Hit out of a States Premium mare, is sure to be a star.

"The way to heaven is on horseback."


Marne has worked very hard to achieve some notable accomplishments throughout her Dressage career. In Marne's own words, "we all need to dream a little, set goals, and then see what happens - even if others think we are a little crazy". One of the unique features of Marne's program is that she is a fully active participant in the training and care of her horses. As an amateur, she is successfully training her own horses with regular lessons using top trainers and clinicians.

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    Aspen Leaf Farm is the home base for both Marne Martin-Tucker and her husband Michael. Together, they share their Maryland farm with their horses and Giant Schnauzers.

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