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A good rider can hear her horse speak to her. A great rider can hear her horse whisper.
We all aspire to be great riders.

About Marne

Our Specialties

Breeding Horses

Marne's breeding program is focused on the German Oldenburg Verband. This is because of the quality of the horses and diversity of pedigrees. If you are interested in learning about the quality and characteristics of the Oldenburg horse, click here to visit the Oldenburg horse breeders society.

Selling Horses

If you are looking to purchase a dressage horse, we invite you to browse our roster of sales horses. Click here to see some of Aspen Leaf Farm's sale horses.

Breeding Schnauzers

Aspen Leaf Farm is proud to offer a Giant Schnauzer breeding program. All of our dogs are temperament tested, microchipped and evaluated by the OFA for hip issues. They are also tested for thyroid, cardiac, and eye issues.

Marne's Keys to Success in the Ring

Finding success showing at a high level of dressage is not easy. Marne has worked very hard to cultivate a dressage lifestyle around her busy career that focuses on a genuine love of horses, discipline, a sense of adventure, and the courage to keep at what can be a tough sport. Here are some of Marne's top tips:

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    Maximize Training Potential
    Horses need work five or six days a week for fitness, but even if only two or three good training days a week, those will be enough if you make them count. Don't spend time just cruising around, plan your rides and focus on what you are working to accomplish. Adjustability (the horse being on the aids and listening to you) and being able to do the movements correctly the first and every time, should be a goal in each training session.
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    Treat Yourself As An Athlete
    You spend a lot of money and your free time at this hobby. Be realistic in your goals and only be around positive people that are supporting you achieving them. There is no reason to pay for, or be around people with negative energy!
  • More About Aspen Leaf Farm

    Aspen Leaf Farm is the home base for both Marne Martin-Tucker and her husband Michael. Together, they share their Maryland farm with their horses and Giant Schnauzers.

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